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·      Find effective support for your team with marketing & project solutions.

Founded on clarity, collaboration and empowerment, Nightingale finds the right (flexible) marketing, project management and branding solutions for your team.
To relieve marketing & brand project pressures with clarity & connection.
Innovate. Collaborate. Adapt. Respect. Empower.
Projects are like team sports – we have goals, players, a time limit, rules & fun.

Marketing Support

As support for existing marketing teams, Nightingale is an insightful partner and sounding board. From workshopping annual marketing strategies to digital landscape reviews, website evolution suggestions, and content creation or planning, we help your team identify opportunities and help them to thrive.

If Nightingale is not the solution for you, we can help to find and vet the one that is.
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introducing studio ardour

Tourism & Travel Brand Invigoration

A new joint venture between the founders of Nightingale and Moka Brand Studio.

Studio Ardour combines decades of brand building, project management, marketing and practical tourism experience in a full-service brand invigoration studio especially for hospitality, safari and travel trade businesses. From establishing the internal nature of your brand, to how you build reputation, show up visually and define yourself digitally,Studio Ardour brings your brand vision into reality.
invigorate your brand

Kerry conceptualised a masterpiece. From the page designs to content, reviewing every part of the build in great detail, and managing this project superbly to make a really tight deadline.

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